Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Slow reading

It's been over a month since I bought Bird by bird and I still haven't finished reading it. It's less than 300 pages long, but the American cultural references in it are beyond my knowledge making it a less than smooth sailing for me. Aside from than, I think it's an honest and wonderful take on writing, worth your time reading if you are looking for any good reasons to start writing and becoming a writer in your own right.

I hope I can finish it in a few days so that I can move other books as well my courses' list of required readings (i.e. the textbooks, notes etc.). I truly marvel at people who read their textbooks and course materials like it is a brilliantly written, life altering book that stirs your soul, lifts you from the ground and flies to you places foreign yet familiar and aquaints you with people strange yet comprehendible. I have yet to read a textbook that has that effect on me. But then again, textbooks are said to be written by brilliant people and if you really read your textbooks and do well in your studies that can lead to some sort of life altering consequences.

Perhaps that's why I'm never on the Dean's List or the Honour Roll or the list of nominees for the 'Student Who Shall Elevate The University's Name To Greater Heights Than Where It Already Is When He or She Graduates' Award.

Maybe if I boil my textbooks and...


ieka said...

aku pernah hampir betul2 buat tu..rebus dan minum air dr buku teks.. sbb hampir2 percaya ckp org yg actually memain je beritahu nak hafal senang minum je air rebusan buku.. :P

tp, sib baik yg menghalang aku buat ialah aku lum habis baca & study lagi buku tu..ehhehe

rol said...

buku teks pun mahal. sayang nak rebus.

hiddenblade @ Muslim Musuko said...

daripada rebus buku
lebih baik transfer data tu ke dalam otak
bluetooth kan ada...

rol said...

otak aku versi thn 80. takde bluetooth masa tu. budak-budak sekarang tak tau la.

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