Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Firefox too slow for you?

Speed is a big issue for Firefox. This well-featured browser has a lot of potential, but some people are still not using it because they say it's too slow. Nobody likes to crawl on the Net.

The story behind the why is a bit funny. And complicated. Firefox is actually designed to be fast. One of the ways to speed up a browser is to cache images and files. Caching is the storing of all the files that make up the websites we visit. Cache is a small part of your computer that the browser uses for storage.

Image files are often cached because they're often bigger than most other kinds of file. Caching image files would mean that the browser wouldn't have to download the same image file again and again when it needs to. The browser will get the needed image file from the cache instead. This is the same for other kinds of file, not just image files.

Conceptually, caching would make the browser faster. However, caching also uses up your memory (the RAM). Lots of it, actually.

And this will subsequently slow things down again.

Sounds like a contradiction, right? But like I said, the story is more complicated than that.

If you have a large RAM, maybe 512MB or higher, you'd probably won't experience the slow down. But if have a PC with a small memory, you might want to consider something else.

Like Opera. I love it. Opera is seriously unappreciated. It's fast and very user-friendly. In my humble opinion, it's one of the best designed browser right now (in some ways, even better than Firefox). See for yourself why many people are singing praises about it.

Still can't let go of the fiery Fox? Check out these speed-boosting tips (thanks, mudin!). All the best.

p/s: I use both Firefox and Opera, alternately.


ieka said...

i used to use Opera, tapi lepas tu ada certain website terutama berkaitan kerja takleh masuk so opt back for IE.

Now using IE and Firefox alternately. and one reason for firefox sbb takleh baca blog mudin.. :p konspirasi ni.. he he he

mudin001 said...

Kak Ieka, buang aje IE jauh-jauh. Kalau nak juga guna IE, install IE tab add-on untuk Firefox! :)

ieka said...

ahahha takleh ler mudin..sbb network application kami byk guna IE. takde IE, akak tak boleh buat kerja... :P

ok boleh consider on add-on tu.. nanti2 la experiment..dah ok, will let u know.

rol said...


Sekali dah mula guna tab, tak mahu balik guna windows semata-mata.

Untuk IE boleh guna Yahoo! Toolbar untuk tambah keupayaan untuk guna tab. Atau guna IE 7, yang memang ada fungsi tab.


Jangan humbah IE dulu. Kita kena guna untuk buat 'testing.'

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