Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Typography case study: ClearviewHwy

My earlier introduction to the book Thinking with Type may not be the most persuasive way to get anyone interested in typography. So I think, why not share a real world example of how typography can make a difference.

This example is taken from the book's website. Consider ClearviewHwy:
Clearview Hwy is the new typeface developed for use in U.S. highway and street signs. As they are adopted over time, the United States will become the most legible place on Earth. The designers’ goal was to create more readable roadsigns without having to make the existing signs bigger (which would cost a huge amount of money as well as causing more visual clutter and crowding.) Designed by Don Meeker and James Montalbano. Available from

Imagine yourself speeding through the highway, franticly looking at signboards for direction. Failing to read the signboards would be frustrating. Therefore, signboards should be legible (readable) even from afar.

They also needed to make signboards legible without making it larger, which increases the cost. By optimising the font's features, Clearview can be fitted into the standard sized signboards and still appear aesthetically pleasant. Clearview was designed and optimised by a group of designers, human factor scientists, psychologists and engineers. So it's not just the typeface designer and typographers who help make a good font or type. It takes a lot of other expertise as well.


ieka said...

uiks.. ko mmg minat betul ek dgn tulisan2 ni? teruskan usaha..ahahhaha

rol said...

Terima kasih. Sekadar berkongsi minat.

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